ABTabs an independent data analysis and tabulations consultancy with over 20 years experience in the market research industry. 

· Established in 2001 to provide an end product solution to your analysis requirements.

· Member of the Market Research Society and Independent Consultants Group.

· From basic tabulations to more complex detail, including master/trailer (hierarchical).

· Electronic delivery of tables in MS Word , Adobe Acrobat, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint charts.

· Merlin used to produce tabulations and export data to all main packages, including SPSS, Snap Surveys (Triple-s), SAS, Quantum and Excel.

· SNAP used to setup online surveys with quick turnaround of results

· Very competitive rates and speedy turnaround.

· Access to data entry,  coding, and also statistical consultants.

You will not be disappointed with the quality of work produced. I take pride in my work, every little detail is checked before its delivered. It is the intention to deliver results early—not just on time.

I work for clients worldwide, so location is no problem.

Regular client base but always pleased to help out new clients wherever possible.

Why turn to overseas companies when I can deliver a better solution more efficiently and for less.



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E-mail : Amanda@ABTabs.co.uk

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